Women for Afghan Women

I was introduced to Women for Afghan Women by my friend Matin Maulawizada who is originally from Afghanistan and the founder of Afghan Hands, a non profit helping women in Afghanistan. He was my first introduction to the people of Afghanistan and I am so lucky because he was the truest loveliest person. I say this because there is so much negative information on the internet and in the news about Southeast Asia and specifically Afghanistan and its surrounding countries. When I asked for a suggestion for our interview he immediately responded. This was the perfect interview for us during this time. This organization is located in Queens and directly helps its community by helping immigrants settle and find resources in this new country. The country right now has strong opinions for and against immigrants and Muslims. We are hoping we can break some of that by portraying stories and women making a direct impact out of compassion.

I hope you watch this interview, not for the fun emojis, but because it shows a true dialogue with curious questions and a pure connection. It’s amazing what happens when we sit and talk with each other. But to be fair we already were fond of Sabena when we arrived at the center. ❤️  

Andrea Mitchell