Buggin Out! Lice Expert Sandie for Buggin Out

Sandie Vega Russo is a mom of two school age kids and knows something about lice. It is unfortunately something we all know a little about. This time of year we are dealing with school starting and summer ending which is stressful enough BUT add the fear of those nits and it may put you over the edge. Sandie is here to inform and help us relax. BUT we still do NOT want those bugs to make a home in our heads!!!!! 

Helpful HInts from Buggin Out:

1. Keep hair up and dirty 

2. Use Happy Heads Lice prevention available at Thompson Chemists in SOHO, NYC

3. No hugging or sharing hats with friends

TRUTH: Everyone is a possible victim. Getting Lice does not mean you are dirty in fact it may mean you are too clean. So PLEASE if you or someone you know gets these awful pests show some respect and kindness. AND Call Sandie!

Sandie Vega Russo, Buggin Out, NYC based  vegarusso@gmail.com, 646-319-3204