What can I say about this woman. She is a force of inspiration and empowerment. Here is my personal story. I have heard of Amanda for years because she grew up in the same town as Isa’s dad. Everyone I have ever met from that town is obsessed with her. I have also heard of the Dresden Dolls because one of my siblings had it in their collection. BUT I have never met or known much more than this. And I was so missing out. Meeting Amanda was like saying hello to a friend I had known but had not seen in years. I truly felt as if we knew each other forever. And that is part of her magic. Part of her connection and the ability to connect, see others and raise them up because wouldn’t it be better if everyone could fly?

So I should definitely mention this here, we love everything about Amanda and what she is creating in the world but some of her videos and songs may lean more toward adult content (there is some swearing and nudity). It may not be for everyone but her message definitely is.

Check out her Ted Talk

AND check out her website Amanda Palmer

And of course follow her on instagram @amandapalmer