Our ever changing world

November to me has always been a month of change. Here on the east coast of the US we are ending the fall season and moving into winter. The elections have just happened and there is a change in government. In school you are getting closer to winter break (YAY!!!) which means the first semester is closing up. Sometimes when so much change is happening it can create a feeling of nervousness, excitement and maybe unease. This is all normal!!!! It is so normal to want things to stay the same. We as humans like what we know. But without change we can not grow. What do you do to help feel calm when the world around you is changing? Maybe you can teach that to a friend or a family member who seems to need a bit of help.

As an adult in this world right now it often makes me feel overwhelmed to see all this change happen. Some of it is good (all the women recently elected to politics) and some not as good (the fires in California) but I remind myself that I am doing what I can. When we all do just one thing that helps someone else we can change our world for the better. This same action can help us feel calm when the world around us seems chaotic.