Kids Can Make a Difference

How can kids make a difference?

This month the girls and I are working to create a zine focused around kid activists. What does it mean to be an activist? It sounds fairly intense and maybe a little hard or scary. In reality, activists are people who see an issue and take action to make a difference. You do not need to be an adult to make a difference. We are investigating many issues that the girls are passionate about. During this process we are also looking at how kids can be speak out, sometimes with words and sometimes without. We will look at photography, art, crafts, videos, writing and education.

What can you do to change your environment? Sometimes thinking about the world and all the things we would like to change can make us feel hopeless and overwhelmed, but if you did 1 thing it feels possible. What is the 1 thing you can do?

First, what is 1 issue that you feel passionate about?

What is something you enjoy doing?

How can you combine what you love to do with making a difference?

There are no wrong answers. Doing 1 thing that makes the world a better place for someone else is all it takes. So what can you do? I can’t wait to hear all about it and I can’t wait to show you what the IAEG group creates.