Happy Birthday Malala!!!

July 12th 

This week's opinion page is coming from yours truly, the creator of IAEG. Today Malala celebrates her 21st birthday and it has made me think about how much she has done in her young life. How such ambition, passion and compassion could be bundled into one girl who has a soft and grounded voice but a strong and powerful message. Her main goal is educating girls and and I am struck with how many people (not just young people) do not understand the full importance of this message. This week is dedicated to Malala and the many ways she has inspired all girls and women to Learn more, be more and do more.

When I started this website it was to give girls a place to learn and to have fun. Sometimes it is not always easy. Part of the reason this and other websites for girls exist is because for many years girls were not given an equal voice or opportunity. While empowerment is so important I also believe it is important to acknowledge the struggles of girls around the world. This week we will highlight girls and women in Afghanistan. On the history section we will discuss the history of girls in Afghanistan and on our Girl to Girl section we will have an interview with Women for Afghan Women an amazing organization in Queens, NY. 

The power and potential of being a girl is to rise above our history be being open minded and listening and learning from those who are different than ourselves. 

Thanks for listening,