The Booby Trap


"I was the first woman to burn my bra. It took the fire department four days to put it out."  Dolly Parton

"People think I'm trying to make a fashion statement because I never wear a bra. It's really that I'm a tomboy at heart."      Cameron Diaz

If you are reading this, most likely you are a Girl, a 10-14 year old girl and going through some changes in EVERY way! Let's be honest, change is scary BUT it can also be fun. I know some of you are already rolling your eyes and I see that BUT hear me out. 

The Body. This is a biggie. I mean you can try to disguise the changes but it just doesn't work AND it is so damn hard to keep up with all of them so let's start with embracing these changes not hiding them. One of the first body changes for girls is boobs. And for some girls this is just not OK. Especially if you are an athlete or you get them sooner than your friends. And let's face ti boys just don't get it and are not always the nicest. You will need your girls to support you. AND PLEASE GIRLS support each other. There is nothing uglier than a girl who needs to make fun or bully another girl. IT IS UGLY!!! So embrace the boob and all that goes with it. Bras are not always comfortable but lucky for you I brought in the big girls for some expert advice! I was lucky enough to connect with 2 women in NYC, Nicole from Town Shop and Lori from Bra*Tenders. These ladies know all about boobs and how to best support them. 


Town Shop

2270 Broadway, NYC   


Nicole, the owner of Town Shop was kind enough to chat with me about bras and girls. As a mom of twin 11 year olds she is an expert on the first time bra. Town Shop has been around since 1886 and has been in the family ever since. They know what their talking about with both bras and girls and thank goodness because I am clueless 😜.

1. Does Town Shop have bra fittings for girls? If Yes, what exactly is a bra fitting? Bra fitting is going into the fitting room with an experienced fitter that has fit hundreds, if not thousands of girls and women of all ages and sizes and uses their expertise to select the perfect fitting bra for that customer.

2. What should girls look for in their first bra? Comfort is the most important thing. Softness and the right size and support are also very important.

3. Do you suggest finding the exact fit or something "to grow" into? The majority of our first bras give girls the ability to grow into them. Most first bras are not cup size.

4. How do you feel about sports bras for girls as their first bra? Unless you need the support, sports bras tend to be heavier and have more coverage than most bras. Unless you’re at least a B cup we don’t really see a reason to start with a sports bra.

5. Is their any way to minimize the embarrassment factor when shopping for a bra especially with your mother? 😬Yes, the best way is to go to a store that specializes in fitting bras, and have your mother wait outside until the fitter gets the proper fit. And to only look at the bras after the fitting is done. What makes the daughter happy, May not be with the mother envisioned but if the daughter feels good about what she’s wearing and the fit is good, it’s very important that the mom is supportive. All moms should try and be as supportive as that first bra!

That being said, no one needs to start with a $100. bra.

6. Do you have a preferred style or designer for your first bra? We tend to lean on Bella by Cosabella, Chantelle, Comando, Wacoal, Ongossamer, and Wacoal all have terrific first bras with varying degrees of support.


630 Ninth Avenue (at W. 44th Street), Suite 601, NYC      



Lori from Bra*Tenders is a lady in the know (especially when it comes to brassieres 👙). 

If you have a child with a fuller bust this is the place to go. She suggests a first fitting help learn her proper size, how a Bra should fit, how to care for them.  (I mean we ALL should have lessons in this!)

 We LOVE that this store promotes #GirlPower and the idea of “Bra Mitzvah parties” as a rite of passage for girls and a celebration to be shared with her mom, sisters, friends. They try to minimize the fear by creating a fun yet modest and educational atmosphere.

When do most girl’s need to get their first bra? Most girls discover the need for a bra when their boobs start to bounce, or physical activity becomes uncomfortable, or they are
getting too much attention. There are bralettes for the teens who are not full, simple triangle
bras with very little structure and easy to wear. They don’t provide much shape, and are a good first time choice for A/B girls. Sport bras in general are a popular choice for teens, especially full busted girls who want to feel well contained and minimized. 

We ❤️ Lori’s compassion and passion for girls and their ever changing bodies. Several years ago Bra*Tenders hosted a Bra Mitzvah party for 15 homeless girls living in a shelter, and gifted them each their first, properly fitting, well made bra. 

She also creates a comfortable and trusted environment for Dads. If you think its terrifying going through this change just imagine the fear and confusion of the dads out there. Bra*Tenders will hold both your hands and make the entire process easier. 

Other shops we 💗💗

IVIVVA (they have great cotton sports bras)

Journelle (A large selection of bras for girls and bra fittings)