All good surf girls wear SPF

It’s hard to tell in NYC right now that summer is on its way, but I hear it is. In any case today we talk SPF or Sun Protection Factor! I know! I know! You hear enough from your parents about sunscreen but hear me out because you will thank me later. AND SPF can be fun! 

Start with the sunscreen 

They are not all the same. A great place to go to find the best lotion for you and the planet is I LOVE this site!!! REMEMBER RE-APPLY at least every hour. (A fun craft to make is a keychain for you bag)

According to EWG the best sunscreens are:

1. All Good Kids Sunscreen SPF30

2. All Terrain KidSport sunscreen SPF30

3. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection SPF50

4. Badger Baby SPF30

Of course one of Isa’s personal summer favorites is ZINKA which is not reviewed on EWG but is zinc oxide in a rainbow of colors.


SPF lotion is key, but hats and glasses are also important especially if you have Sensitive skin. Like lotion, finding the right hat and glasses can make all the difference. However, just because Stacey looks stellar in her new red sunhat and pink sunglasses it does not mean the look will also be a hit on you. So find what looks best for your own personal face.

Here are a few of Isa's favorites:






Yes, Clothing can also contain SPF but it is a good idea to choose clothing that has the most coverage. Key pieces are rash guards or swimsuits that have sleeves. 

Here are a few of Isa's favorite picks: