Pores, Pimples, Zits Oh My

The best advice I ever received was in college from my best friend’s father. He said never use  anything more than water to wash your face. At the time I laughed and shook my head. Being the confident, stubborn all knowing 20 year old I was I knew he was wrong. I mean I LOVED my products!!! I loved going to the store and being absorbed by the limitless beauty products and their containers and colors and all those promises they offered. 

Of course he was right. He was also an extremely qualified dermatologist and had the biggest heart of anyone I had known. His simple advice is something I have taken to heart and have passed on over the years to all those girls who will listen. My skin did not need all the harsh cleansers and toners. In fact once I stopped using these products my skin looked much better. I have sine received many compliments on my skin and I always give credit to this wise man who told me water was best. 

Obviously, if you have a skin condition that calls for medical treatment consult with your doctor, but if you are simply like me a girl in love with her potions and lotions maybe you want to give the water thing a try. It’s worked for me for many many years. 

Helpful Hints:

  • Add salt to your water to help cleanse pimples or dirt
  • Add sugar to your water to act as an exfoliant
  • Olive oil can help remove make up (but for some may also clog pores so maybe use sparingly) 
  • No bad sulfates- truth be had many of us love to play with make-up and sometimes water just isn’t enough. When a make-up remover is needed its best to buy one with little to no sulfates (especially no sodium lauryl sulfate) in general if it foams it is best not to use it.