Find your happy, even during Finals!

Yay!!! Spring. Soon it will be summer and school will be out for 2 full months. BUT until then you need to survive the end of year school craziness. While there is so much excitement with warm weather, field trips, concerts, shows, and the fun of end of year events there are also papers and exams. It may feel that you are being pulled in 2 directions. On the one side its so much fun but on the other there is so much work. 

Practical tools to help you surf the unbalanced end of year wave

1. Mindfulness: basically this means paying attention to what is happening around you and inside you.

Mindful Walking: Can you practice walking while paying attention to your feet? How heavy or light are you? Can you feel the roll of pressure from your heel to your toes? How fast are you going. Can you hear anything around you? 

Mindful Breathing: Can you pay attention to your breath? Sit on a chair or the floor with a straight posture. Close you eyes. Inhale through your nose and exhal through your mouth. Try to concentrate on each breath. Follow the length of each breath and how it feels as it enters and exits your body. 

2. Find your happy: Sometimes remembering what makes us happy can help when we are feeling overwhelmed. Most people do not like taking tests, but at the end of the year it seems inevitable. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by our nerves it is helpful to have a few things in place that make us happy. Maybe there is an outfit you love that makes you happy. Maybe it is an after school activity or treat. During these stressful moments try to do at least 1 thing that makes you happy. Believe it or not some adults like to keep a list of things that make them happy so they can remember during stressful moments. What would be on your list?

3. Exercise: WHAT!!! I know. I know. I had you until now. Exercise does not mean 20 pushups. It means movement. Movement is anything that moves the body. Put on your favorite song and dance. Movement can change the brain and can actually make you feel better.

4. Play music. Really!! Music, especially fast music can also change the brain and help use feel happy. So the quickest way to create happy is to alway keep nearby a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs. If, after a test or difficult class, you can play one of your favorite songs it can immediately change your mood and the rest of your day.