Your Vote Matters

Every November in the US we have elections. Sometimes it feels like the only election we hear about is the one for President. I’m sure it is also hard to find interest in something that you can not participate in. So why should you care? How can a kid make a difference if she can not vote?

First, many of the people running for office are making decisions about your education and health. And some of these people do actually care about what you think. You may not be able to vote but your voice and opinion do still matter. We are often highlighting the voices of kids who stood up, spoke up and helped their community and sometimes Government officials take notice. So it is still important for you to know what is happening and to speak out if you have an opinion.

Here is what you need to know. The elections that often directly effect you are those that elect your community representative, city rep and state rep. During this past election we saw more women elected to Congress than ever before. We also saw more women running in the elections than ever before.

I truly believe that when women are elected to office more policies that protect women and children are passed through. Women did not get the right to vote passed as law until women were elected to government. It is a difficult journey for many female politicians but when they win things begin to change.

Congratulations to all those women who ran for office this year and to the many who won. We can not wait to see what you do!

Andrea Mitchell