Watch out Wonderwoman

Recently I suggested to the girls in my group and their parents that they should see RBG the documentary about Ruth Badar Ginsburg. To be honest the movie is meant for adults so there were parts that seemed slow, however my 10 year old left feeling inspired. Not only was she inspired to learn more about Justice Ginsburg but she is also inspired to learn more about the US government and women’s rights. 

So much has been written by and about Justice Ginsburg but I feel the 7 suggestions for raising strong girls are most relevant. Borrowed from and article by Bill Murphy Jr.,

Ginsburg’s 7 suggestions for raising strong girls.

  1. Foster a love of reading
  2. Teach them to be independent
  3. Encourage them to seek out great teachers
  4. Encourage them to turn a deaf ear when needed
  5. Encourage them to set aside their worries - and simply achieve
  6. Teach them that they can make their own luck.
  7. Pray they marry the right person