Everyone's Princess

OK. For the record, Meghan Markle is not a princess she is a Dutchess. The Dutchess of Sussex to be exact. But for today, she is our princess. 

Unlike many other people in America I am not a royal family follower. I was ambiguous about Harry and Meghan and the entire royal wedding hoopla, BUT I changed my mind. This was H-U-G-E!!! It started when I overheard some 10 year old girls excitedly discussing the first black princess. Now, I do realize their have been princesses of other nationalities, but to a 10 year old American girl the only royalty is on Disney or in London. So seeing a black, bi-racial American woman from a single mother walk down the aisle to her real life Prince the world needs to stop for a moment and take notice because this is a moment in history. 

Today Meghan Markle became our American Princess and she gave many girls a new idea of what a Princess looks like. The ceremony could easily have remained true to its traditional English roots, but instead it incorporated a Gospel Choir and a black preacher who quoted Martin Luther King Jr. This was a day for so many girls to watch and see the possibilities of their future. I am not saying all girls need or should want to be princesses but ALL girls should have the option and the possibility to dream big no matter their race, their culture or their circumstance.