Mean Girls on Broadway

Reviewed by:  Sanna, Eve, Ali, and Maxine

Mean Girls is a story written by Rosalind Wiseman. When teen Cady Heron moves to Chicago from her peaceful life in Kenya with her biologist parents, she has trouble fitting in. before it

was just her, her mom and dad, and the animals.Until, she meets the Plastics in the song “Meet the Plastics”(the popular, fake, mean girls), who seem to take a liking to Cady. As Cady tries balancing this semi-popular life with her kinder best friends Damian and Janis, they push her over into pretending to be a plastic to mock them, but that experience turns Cady into a real plastic and Cady forgets it was just for a laugh.

This is important to girls because of all of the qualities portrayed in the musical. For starters, the musical shows the true life of high school, which can be a terrifying place, especially for girls. The musical considers all of the aspects of girls, from bullying to fashion. One song, “I’d Rather Be Me,” mainly sung by Janis, is about how to stand up for yourself and confront all of those mean girls that you don’t like. Another song is “What’s Wrong With Me?” details Gretchen Wieners' character and her doubts about her friendship with Regina, who is extremely manipulative. This track tells the audience how insecure she is about herself and demonstrates how desperately she needs approval from Regina, thus revealing all of her internalized struggle. It also foreshadows her eventual betrayal of Regina’s secrets when Cady, Janis, and Damian succeed in “cracking” her in “Revenge Party.”

This one heartbreaking line sung by Gretchen in “What is wrong with me?” says,“Mama called me beautiful Don’t believe her anymore”

She’s saying that she used to believe that she’s beautiful. But being friends with Regina has brought down her self esteem, as Regina pushes her down just so she can rise up. This is a very sad line, of everyone is beautiful, inside and out.

Cady has had an interesting life before she came to North Shore High. she lived in Kenya for the first 16 years of her life. The song It Roars talks about her life before moving, and one line says

Yes, I know they have their friends, but what is one friend more?

This shows she understands they have their cliques, but is too naive to think no one will give her a shot at being besties.

Reporter Thoughts

I would rate this show with 5 stars. It demonstrates real high school life, with mixed in comedy and humor. Mean Girls would probably be appropriate for ages 12 and up. -Ali

I would also rate this show with 5 stars because of how it represents “high school ” while also combining real lessons that teens need to learn. -Maxine

I would give this show a big thumbs up 👍 and I think this show has great messages about the craziness of life high school, and mean girls. This show is incredible, the acting, singing and the choreography is to die for.Ii would recommend this show for 11 and up, because there is some adult language and concepts. -Eve


Andrea Mitchell