How do you decide who to interview? 

We try to reach out to women and girls that are inspiring, empowering to our young girls. We want to offer girls women from diverse cultures, background and occupations. We do accept inquiries.

I'm interested in being interviewed what do I do next?

Email is best. Please send your contact information and a brief bio to

Can I be an interviewer?

At the moment we do not have openings for Girl reporters. The girls on this website have worked together and with Andrea for a few years now and continue to work as a group. When openings occur we will make an announcement and take applications, but as of now we do not have any spots.


Can I bring I am Every Girl to my school?

Currently a program is being developed but it is still in creation. When it is fully finished we will make an announcement on this site. 

Why are all the events in NY?

The group is based in NYC so the events we list are those we know of. If you are in a different site and know of events in your area please contact us and we will list them.