Summer Magic hidden in your Garden

Sage Bundle


Have you ever heard of Sage? It is a herb with magic powers (well kid of). Sage was (and is) burned to clean the air of any negative energy (yeah even your pesky brother). BUT it is also a great way to clean odors and keep away bugs. Many stores carry cute sage bundles that mix both sage and roses or lavender and we LOVE them. So today you can make your own using materials around the house and perhaps your summer garden. 


Fresh Sage 

Fresh flowers (or petals) and herbs (our favorites are lavendar, rosemary and rose)

Cotton Twine



1. Cut your sage to 5 inches tall

2. gather your sage and create a neat pile. 

3. add flowers and herbs to your bundle (it is tempting to overload but less is best)

4. Cut a large piece of twine (aim for 12- 18 inches even though you won't use it all)

5. Place the center of your twine under the bottom of your sage bundle and tie a knot to secure the ends

6. Wrap the twine upwards in a criss cross pattern, tuck in any loose leaves and flowers as you go. When you reach the top begin to criss cross back down. 

7. Tie off the string at the original knot and trim any remaining string.

8. Leave to dry for about 3 weeks. 

NOTE: These bundles make lovely presents and can decorate any room BUT PLEASE NEVER EVER light these bundles without a supervised parent!!! 



SAGE: Used for healing and to cleanse a room or space. 

CEDAR: Used for protection. Used when first moving into a new space. 

SWEETGRASS: Represents Mother earth and all things Girl which reminds us of everything we need. 

LAVENDER: Helps create a calm and peaceful space. Helps with sleep.